Ø  GIDC, Nandesari is one of the Oldest GIDC, Estates of Gujarat, India
Ø  Plots were allotted to Industries in 1967.
Ø  In GIDC, Nandesari  there are micro, small scale industries large scale industries.  80% of the industries are Micro & Small scale Industries.
Dye and Dye intermediate units
Pharma and pharma Int. units
Synthetic Organic  units
Inorganic units
Recovery units
Pesticide units
Engg units

Industries like Farmson (largest manufacturer of Paracetamol), Ineos Styrolution India Ltd., Deepak Nitrite Ltd., Camphor & Allied, Sodium Metal Ltd., manufactures of drugs like Pragabalin etc. are located in Nandesari
Ø  All these industries give good employment to Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer & Civil Engineers, Chemists, Environmental Chemists, skill and unskilled work force.

In 1993, Nandesari Industries Association (NIA) took over the operations of Common Effluent Treatment Plant and Water Utilities from GIDC. Since then NIA has carried out various Developmental Projects for the Member Units in GIDC.
ü  Have increased the treatment capacity of the CETP from 5.5 MLD to 12 MLD. Now application has been made to increase to 20 MLD with recycle of 8 MLD. The CETP is also treating the Sewage generated by Nandesari Village (600 ~ 700 KL/day).
ü  At the discharge point, CETP installed the Continuous Online Monitoring System of Xylem, Germany make since May 2015. 
ü  GIDC Nandesari is the First Estate to provide RO water to member industries (Raw water TDS = 3500 mg/L; RO water TDS will be < 150 mg/L). NIA also supplies RO water to neighboring villages also viz. Nandesari, Damapura, Radiyapura, Chamundanagar, Rupapura and Lalpura.
ü  NIA converted all the roads to RCC Roads. Now to reduce the fugitive dust emissions, the road sidings are being covered by Paver Blocks.
ü  NIA through NECL, started Hazardous Waste Disposal in 1998 by constructing 1st Scientifically Designed Landfill in 1998 under the guidance of National Productivity Council, New Delhi. Now, the waste is also being sent for Co-processing in Cement Industries.
ü  NIA is also setting up Common Steam Distribution Facility for its member units.
ü  Nandesari is the first estate chosen to be converted to Smart Estate by UNIDO and Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre.
ü  Nandesari is the first estate to install Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station in May 2015.