Greenbelt and Rain Water Harvesting at GIDC, Nandesari:

  • NIA has planted 2500 trees in 2017 and 3250 trees in 2018 (Gulmohar -1000, Neem – 1200, Karanji – 200, Saptapani-400, Bougainvillea-100, Jambu-50, Borsali-100, Champa-200)
  • Plantation of 2000 Trees have been undertaken in 2019.
  • Around Nandesari about 25,000 trees have been planted

NIA has installed 4 nos. of Water harvesting systems in the Water Utilities Area. Number of industries have installed Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting System and are collecting water in storage tanks and reusing it in the process / boiler / cooling towers.