Common Effluent Treatment Plant

Waste Water Treatment at CETP
by Advanced Oxidation Process.

Hydrodynamic Cavitation

Latest Treatment Process of Waste Water.
(Authenticated by NEERI,NAGPUR)

RO Water Supply

We are supplying 18 MLD RO Water
to Nandesari Estate as well as nearby villages.

Hazardous Solid Waste

2000+ Industries use this facility for disposal of Industrial Waste by Landfilling and Co-Processing.

CSR Activities

Medical Camps (every 3 Months), LED Street lights to near by villages, Running Secondary School and ITI, Maintaining Green Belt.

Proposed Activities

Common Steam Boiler, Recycling of Waste Water, Expansion of CETP, Storm Water Drain, Paver Blocks on Road Sidings.


Station Parameter(Unit) Present Consented Norms Live Reading

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Concluding Remarks in the NEERI Report

  • The CETP has undergone several changes and new approaches / unit have been added / replaced that ensured effective treatment of the effluent.

  • More notably it introduced Electro-oxidation Technology as well as Hydrodyanamic Cavitation for effluent treatment.

  • This is the first ever “Advanced Oxidation Process” (AOP) based CETP. Both Electro-oxidation and hydrodynamic cavitation technologies were implemented in full-scale in India and perhaps in the World catered for treatment of highly recalcitrant chemical industry effluents.

Notifications, Updates & Circulars.

Meet The Team

Our process on creating awesome projects.
Babubhai C. Patel
Chairman - NIA CETP

Chairman - NECL,
Chairman - Vadodara Traffic Education Trust,
Past President FIA

Bharat Shah
President - NIA CETP

Ashish Amin
Vice President - NIA CETP

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