Infrastructure Activities Managed by Nandesari Industries Association

Cement Concrete Road in the entire GIDC Estate
₹ 12 Crores
Storm Water Drains
₹ 10 Crores
Paver Block on Road Sidings to decrease fugitive dust emissions
₹ 10 Crores
12 MLD RO plant to supply water to the estate and nearby villages
₹ 12 Crores
Increasing the capacity of CETP to 20 MLD and installation of recycling unit (ProposeFad)
₹ 55 Crores
Extension of Landfill Site
₹ 6 Crores
Developing and maintaining Greenbelt in the Estate
₹ 0.4 Crores/ Annum
Installation of Air Quality Monitoring Stations in the Estate
₹ 0.6 Crores
Operation and Maintenance of the GIDC Water supply Scheme
₹ 13.6 Crores @ ₹ 31/ KL
Common Boiler to supply steam to Industries
Under Installation